A recent car buying experience made me realize the importance of asking clients the right questions at the beginning of a project and understanding their ‘why’.

Not long ago we set out for a day of car shopping armed with research, a budget and my top three dealerships mapped out. We arrived at my top choice first. It was a disappointment. We didn’t get any attention when we walked into the showroom. We quickly realized this was not the place for us and left.

The next stop was more positive—we were greeted, shown a few vehicles and went for a test drive. While the car looked great with luxurious upholstery and an impressive sound system, the vehicle itself didn’t really feel solid and the engine performance was poor. Once again we left disappointed.

Our final stop was the dealership I was least excited about. While their vehicles had a good reputation in the marketplace I wasn’t sold on their overall style. However we were enthusiastically greeted by a sales adviser named Eddie, who asked me what key features I was looking for. Up to this point, no one else had asked me that. Although I thought I was looking for style and comfort.

I responded with, “Safety. First and foremost, safety is the most important element for me and my family.”

“Well, you have come to right place. We have the best safety features in the market”.

He listed off a whole bunch of safety features that were built into the vehicle and emphasized how their vehicles were ‘built for the driver’. A test drive by Eddie sealed the deal. He was squealing around corners at high speed—showing off the turning radius and excellent braking power. WOW, I bought the car that afternoon. I was sold. Sold, because Eddie took the time to understand what I was really looking for and delivered it. It was the best sales experience I ever had—and also brought to mind a recent project.

We were working with XACT Technologies, a manufacturer of top-quality electrical solutions. The company originally hired us to redesign its website, but early on, we realized they needed more than a website.

Their existing brand had served them well over the years, helping them become an industry leader in a global market. But the brand had become tired. It no longer reflected the company’s dynamic corporate culture or its superior product line. The logo was soft and quiet in a nondescript blue palette, reflecting a modest, Canadian company. The iconic ‘X’ was wobbly and unbalanced, and the overall feel was ‘tired’. The brand no longer reflected the company.

Previous Logo:

What we recommended

Creating a new website without revamping XACT’s colours, logo and tagline wasn’t going to serve them well. The decision-makers were impressed with the design and marketing knowledge BluBrown brought to the table and trusted the process we recommended. The first step was to facilitate a discovery session and align the company vision. The discovery session revealed an executive team that was fresh and full of vigour; a sales team that was enthusiastic and driven, and a support team that was committed to providing top quality products and services to clients. As we suspected, the current brand did not reflect this energetic corporate culture.

How we did it

The first step was to revitalize the logo—we rearranged, redrew and recolourized it. The logo became sharper (literally), brighter and polished. The ‘X’ was refined and re-aligned to project a more dynamic angle.

Next, we rewrote the tagline, editing it from ‘XACT Technologies, Custom Cable Assemblies & Over-Molding’ to ‘XACT Engineered Manufacturing Solutions’, presenting a broader reflection of their products and services. The flat, blue colour scheme was updated to a bright, vibrant red. The new logo projected a different feeling from the original logo—it was now bold, energized and dynamic. As a brand, XACT now commanded attention and exuded confidence and power.

Refreshed Logo Design:

The updated logo was complemented with a new Brand Standards Guide, which we applied to the company’s marketing collateral including stationery, signage, trade show displays, sales materials and digital media.

We then completed the project by fulfilling our original mandate and created an engaging, responsive and world-class website, capitalizing on the new logo and colour palette.

The final step—a happy client

If we hadn’t asked the right questions in the beginning of the project, we wouldn’t have delivered what the client really needed. Subsequently, our client was thrilled with their new brand, website and supporting marketing materials. Check it out for yourself at XACT Engineered Manufacturing Solutions.

BluBrown Communications was recognized for this Corporate Branding Campaign with a Summit International Award in 2015.

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