We have a family cabin with three rules:
1. Make sure the propane bottle is full,
2. Replenish the drinking water, and most importantly,
3. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper.

Over the years, we have taught our children to ‘leave it better than they found it’. We work hard to make sure it is cleaner, brighter, more organised and better stocked than we found it. I scrub the oven, sanitise the bathrooms, dust my late mother’s petite point pictures, and do the laundry left in the hamper. I’ll put a fresh coat of paint on the worn patio furniture; nurse a tired perennial back to life; stock up each bathroom with handcrafted soap from the local farmers’ market and place colourful flowers throughout the cabin to bring life and freshness to every room. When the need arises, we also wade through heavy brush to the creek and investigate why the water has stopped running. We use our problem-solving skills to fix it. With each family member contributing their own special talents, we manage to ensure everyone has an enjoyable stay at the cabin.

This is the same philosophy BluBrown applies to our work.
Our specialised team makes every project better with our creativity, dedication and resourcefulness.

We go the extra mile

When a client approaches us with a new initiative, we don’t just provide the essentials for the project. We go the extra mile. Whether we are working on a new website, logo or marketing initiative, we ensure our client’s goals and objectives are met – and surpassed. For example, when designing a new website, we can also brand their social media networks and develop campaigns. We can also develop a corporate standards guide to support a client’s brand through various mediums, or we may undertake additional research to validate and support our marketing recommendations. In essence, we go the extra mile and tie the project up in a bow, so it is tight, cohesive and reflects professionalism in every way.

We make a difference

Our years of experience are complemented with our fresh approach to brand and communication trends. Like dusting, scrubbing and organising a cabin, we research, evaluate and ensure we are making responsible recommendations for our clients’ initiatives. Like adding a fresh coat of paint to worn patio furniture, we update and revitalise a tired brand to make it stand out in the marketplace. Like stocking up a cabin with handcrafted soap from a local farmers’ market, we propose fresh, innovative tools and resources best suited to achieving client goals. And like manoeuvring through the forest to get to the creek, we wade through complex challenges and solve them with logical solutions. Our clients depend on us for solid solutions, and are pleasantly surprised when we bring more to the project than expected.

Let us go the extra mile for you