Who knew my outdoor deck would inspire the layouts of future trade show booths?
We like to entertain and have a fairly large deck that lends itself to outdoor gatherings. Initially the space overwhelmed me because I didn’t know how to arrange the patio furniture—other than having it lined up around the perimeter, leaving a large empty space in the middle. But, as a relentless fan of home decorating shows, I learned to break up the space and arrange furniture in ‘zones’. I created a conversation zone, an eating zone, a grilling zone, a zone for the beverages, and even a zone for games. This enabled our guests to easily move around, and as a hostess, I became very efficient at organizing the next get-together, as each zone had a purpose. It occurred to me that I could apply this experience to designing trade show booths for my clients…

You’ve booked a spot in an upcoming Trade Show. Now you want to design a really cool booth to attract visitors and stand out from the competition. But do you really know what you want your booth to ‘do’?

It’s crucial to identify what you want to accomplish with your trade show booth. Do you want to create brand awareness, foster new and existing client relationships, gather sales leads, all the above?

A trade show booth should be designed with a purpose and you should be actively working to draw visitors in to fulfil that purpose. One of our clients regularly participates in industry trade shows and wanted to step-up their game. We worked with them to plan and design the space accordingly. This particular client knew exactly which elements they wanted to incorporate into the booth, making it much easier for us to help plan the space and the activities within it.

Elements the client required:

    • Taste-testing area (with trash bins for discarded cups to keep the area tidy)
    • Area for large video monitor
    • Large space dedicated to displaying their latest equipment
    • Ability for visitors to digitally interact with their products on smaller devices


How we did it

The booth was bold in its design and spatial layout. It featured areas for live demos of its newest equipment; curved towers that displayed monitors presenting various equipment, and iPad stands that invited visitors to view interactive displays.
The space within the booth allowed visitors and staff to move around easily, sample products, view great presentations and engage with sales staff.

The finished display:

The final step — a happy client

By understanding how our client wanted their booth to function, we were able to create effective design solutions. Curved bar fronts, high towers and even trash bins were branded with vibrant imagery, colours, and logos visible from every directions. The sheer scale of the booth, combined with amazing lighting created dramatic impact and garnered attention across the crowded Trade Show floor.

Let us help you design your Trade Show display.