Leave It Better Than You Found It

December 13, 2017By adminDesign

We have a family cabin with three rules: 1. Make sure the propane bottle is full, 2. Replenish the drinking water, and most importantly, 3. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper. Over the years, we have taught our children to ‘leave it better than they found it’. We work hard to make sure … Read More

Brand – More Than a Logo

October 1, 2017By adminBrand

Brand loyalty found in my café latte… I usually start my day by grabbing a latte at a local coffeehouse. One morning I was chatting with the barista and she said she always knew I was coming because she could smell my perfume before she saw me (luckily she loved the fragrance I wore!) Since … Read More

Space Design for Display Booths

August 2, 2017By adminDisplay

Who knew my outdoor deck would inspire the layouts of future trade show booths? We like to entertain and have a fairly large deck that lends itself to outdoor gatherings. Initially the space overwhelmed me because I didn’t know how to arrange the patio furniture—other than having it lined up around the perimeter, leaving a … Read More

Website Inspired Brand Makeover

July 1, 2017By adminWeb

A recent car buying experience made me realize the importance of asking clients the right questions at the beginning of a project and understanding their ‘why’. Not long ago we set out for a day of car shopping armed with research, a budget and my top three dealerships mapped out. We arrived at my top … Read More