Cask Brewing Systems New Trade Show Booth

Cask Brewing Systems offer global canning solutions, having been in the brewing industry for over 30 years. Their name and logo are well recognized in the brewing industry.
Cask approached BluBrown looking for a new Trade Show booth for an upcoming large, international Brewers Conference. Cask wanted to make a bold statement with their new booth, and create impact and “buzz” with a dynamic, hard-hitting display.

BluBrown worked with Calgary-based, Display Dynamics, to create a monolithic display, complete with a taste-testing bar area. The graphic design was branded to the Cask values. It exuded a “passion for brewing”, basically creating a clean, eye-catching booth of colours, textures and strong typography that grabbed attention, validated Cask’s strong stature in the global brewing industry, and assisted to draw visitors into the booth for both taste-testing and review of Cask’s state-of-the-art brewing equipment. From recycling bins, to iPad stand branding, the booth was informative, functional and visually impressive to the conference’s visitors.