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Leave It Better Than You Found It

We have a family cabin that we share throughout the summer with my siblings. We have 3 rules:
1. Make sure the propane bottle is full,
2. Replenish the drinking water, and most importantly,
3. Make sure…

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Display booth and space planning

Who knew my outdoor deck would inspire trade show booth layouts?
We like to entertain and have a fairly large deck that lends itself to outdoor gatherings. Initially the space overwhelmed me because I…

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Brand – More Than a Logo

Brand loyalty found in my café latte…
I usually start my day by grabbing a latte at a local coffeehouse. One morning I was just chitchatting with the barista and she said she always…

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Website Inspired Brand Makeover

A recent car buying experience made me realize the importance of asking my clients the right questions and understanding the ‘why’…

Not long ago we set out for a day of car shopping…

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